Thoughts From Fr. Tom

February 1, 2013



The Gospel today reminds us that the crowd in the synagogue, who are gathered to listen to Jesus, change their attitude about him very quickly. They move from being filled with praise to being filled with fury. When the crowd begins to question Jesus’ identity and his authority to speak, Jesus challenges them by saying no prophet is accepted in his own native place. He then offers some examples of how God’s mercy extends to all people, even those outside the Jewish tradition who are willing to listen. This infuriates the crowd, and they are unable to accept the gift Jesus brings to their lives. We are called to remember that Jesus has come to extend God’s mercy, but we have to be open to it.

Many thanks to those from our parish who recently completed the training as Lectors, Communion Ministers at Mass, and Communion Ministers to the Sick & Homebound. We will extend a special blessing to them at our Masses this weekend. We rely on over 100 parishioners every weekend to participate in the various ministries at our 6 weekend Masses. We are grateful for those who share their gifts of time and talent with our parish through these ministries. We can always use additional people to get involved. Please consider serving our parish in the future. One of the ministries we will be trying to build up in the near future is the ministry of greeter. Ideally, we would like to have 4-5 greeters at every Mass and have enough to rotate through the month. This is a great ministry for individuals, couples, and families. More information will be coming soon about how to get involved.

We thank those who have already purchased or sold tickets for our Crazy Cash Raffle. This is one of the few fundraisers we have in our parish and your support will go directly to reduce our parish debt. With everyone’s participation, we can make a real difference in helping the parish. Please take the time to complete the tickets mailed home and return with your contribution. More tickets are available by calling or stopping by the Parish Office.

Next Sunday is World Marriage Day. This annual celebration in our Church is an opportunity to honor the Sacrament of Marriage. We will offer a blessing for married couples at our Masses next weekend, February 9-10.

The season of Lent is just around the corner. Ash Wednesday is February 13. We will be offering a number of faith formation and prayer opportunities throughout the season. Please plan ahead so this holy season can truly be an opportunity to grow in faith. Many Blessings!